Author: Florian Graf | Published: 2018-09-06

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Welcome to the Blog of FMG Software GmbH1. It has been a long time coming but I will finally start this blog. It will feature my journey into the development of a game and selling it. But I will also write about other topics that are related to ICT.

Who are you?

I’m Florian Michael Graf. Currently I’m at the nice age of 32. I’ve studied software development and have a MSc FHZ Eng ICT degree (Computer Science Engineer) from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences.

PC games have been a part of my life for quite some time. And I wanted to develop my own game since I started to write code. The first game I wrote was in Visual Basic for Applications. It was a space game embedded in an Excel spreadsheet. After hitting the many limits of this format I asked a friend of the family which language I should learn to write games. Since I wanted to go full 3D, he recommended to learn C++. Which I did. And soon realized that this won’t be so easy.

I kept at it but diverged into other topics. From time to time developed smaller games but never really any bigger game projects. But it was something I always wanted to try out at some point. I’ve saved some money and decided that now is the time.

What is this?

I will write about things I find interesting or learn during my journey. The best way to find out if you understand a topic is to write about it and try to teach someone else. Thus I will mostly try to write tutorials and give you the possibility to learn something as well.

My game will be developed in Unity and C#. So expect topics to be in this general region. Upcoming topics might be about setting up NuGet, creating NuGet packages and using NuGet with Unity. I also really would like to write an article about Coroutines in Unity and how they are implemented.

I mentioned that I would like to write about other ICT topics as well. Those might be about modern web development with Webpack or how this website gets built with Hugo and GitLab CI (Continuous Integration). A rant or two from time to time might be possible as well. After all we are all humans and sometimes you just feel like ripping your hair off your head because of some incomprehensible decisions other developers have made.

How to follow along?

You can follow along by checking back or subscribing to the RSS feed on the website. Also feel free to leave a comment down below. Since most people currently reading this blog probably speak German, I’d like to ask you, to keep the comments in English, since the blog is international and future visitors might want to join the discussions.

  1. GmbH is similar to LLC. FMG Software GmbH is registered in Switzerland. [return]