Newsletters, Tweets and Toots

Author: Florian Graf | Published: 2019-08-06

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New possibilities have been added to follow this blog and the development of Double Double One. Next to the existing RSS feed, you can now get notified by emails, tweets and toots. All the available possibilities to follow have been added at the top right of the website.


There are two ways to get notified by email.

First you can subscribe to the quarterly newsletter. I write quarterly but that doesn’t mean there will be a newsletter every three months. It is the maximum I’ve set for this newsletter and I promise to not send more. The chances are that there currently will be less than four newsletter a year.

The second option available is to subscribe to get notified by email for every new blog entry. Those will be just short emails notifying you that there is a new entry with a link to that entry.


A Twitter account has been created and I will publish a tweet at least for every new blog entry. Go over to Twitter to follow. Retweets are highly appreciated.


I want to provide my readers and customers options that might be more privacy friendly. This is why I also have an account on a Mastodon instance that you can follow. I’ll publish toots over there for at least every new blog entry. Mastodon is a social network very similar to Twitter. But it is open-source, can be self-hosted and overall puts a lot of effort into privacy.

Site updates

The site itself got some updates. You probably already noticed the icons for Mastodon, Twitter, RSS/Atom and newsletter at the top right. In addition metadata support for Twitter Cards1 and the Open Graph Protocol2 have been added. This should integrate this blog better into your news feeds.